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Industrial projects in aerial engineering require knowledge, attention and skill. That's why on April 11, 2008 Induct was officially established as a subsidiary of the Vink Groep.

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Our ''out of the box'' view of the climate around your process results in a more efficient production environment

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Induct is active in various industries with innovative solutions, practical advice and comprehensive engineering and installations. From production sites to services, from factories to chemical processors.

Induct helps draw up space specifications and advise on the technical and financial implications of your choice. In doing so, we engineer, design, supply and assemble industrial plants and clean rooms from A to Z. We carry out projects worldwide.

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Industrial engineering and consultancy

Induct invents and creates safe solutions for industry with added value for your personnel, product and environment, on every continent, under all circumstances. In addition, Induct advises you in optimising your production and comes up with innovative and energy effective solutions. This concept is then constructed by us as a customised solution and implemented in your company. During implementation, we will try to disrupt the customer's process as little as possible.

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kweker in het westland
Westland (NL)

Climate for plant cultivation

For a Freesia grower in Westland, Induct realized the climate for the cultivation rooms. Freesias can bloom only when day length, temperature and humidity are just right. Normally that is only a period in spring and fall. With an out-of-the-box system, Induct realized a climate for growing these flowers in layers under perfect conditions. As a result, the flowers bloom
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Indoor climate baby food manufacturer

The existing installation was modified and equipped with cooling and dehumidification, so that now the indoor climate is optimal all year round. The challenge with this project was not the technology, but the very logistical operation was complex. After all, the work must be carried out in a clean production environment, where work also continued as usual. Barring some weekend
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Longer shelf life of bread

The cooling of fresh bake-off breads takes place in a large carousel, in which the breads cool under the right conditions in a clean environment. The latter is the expertise of Induct and here Induct has developed a unique concept where by means of the right air flows and with the use of UV-C technology, the bread cools down exactly
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Zuid Holland

Climate chamber for sandwiches

Here, after the bread comes out of the oven sterile, it is cooled, sliced and packaged. Induct ensures during this process that the product does not come into contact with outside influences. Until the package is sealed, Induct provides a bubble of 100% sterile air around the product. This way, mold and bacteria don’t get a chance to reach the
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Vink monteur
Sassenheim (Nederland)

Pollux Sassenheim

In an existing building, the systems for providing sterile clean air of just the right temperature and humidity are incorporated. Induct works out the detail design for its client. Together with other sister companies from The Vink Group, Induct realizes the air treatment, air conditioning and the necessary cooling, heating and steam piping. In record time, the existing warehouse is
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Wacker Steam boilers

Since new construction in 1988, the Vink Groep has continued to be involved in large and small renovations for this client.
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Rosdorf (Duitsland)

Tierstall Rosdorf

Inducht has realized accommodations where studies are conducted. As general contractor, Induct designed and built the entire HVAC and control system. To have minimal impact on daily operations, the renovation was completed in a short period around the turn of the year.
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Spinning Jenny & Induct

Spinning Jenny

The driving force behind Spinning Jenny is ambitious businesswoman Paula Gerritsen. About Spinning Jenny, she says, “A lot of textiles are thrown away unnecessarily in the world. We find that incredibly unfortunate. And it doesn’t have to be at all. We have been recycling plastic, cans and paper for a long time. Why not also with textiles? The technique is
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Completion of full lab Synergy Health Utrecht

Induct was given the clean task here of providing the architectural and installation design for the building transformation and also realizing it. The deadline for the project was Oct. 1, because Synergy Health Utrecht BV had to move from the former location by then. This meant that by this date the entire lab had to be moved and up and
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Working toward a clean production space in Nigeria

In late 2019, the first push was made to convert the existing hall into a clean food safe production area. The ceiling and part of the walls were realized quickly at the time due to the work of the production plant supplier. After installing the production equipment in 2020, Induct’s project team sealed the remaining walls and ceilings. Thus, 700m2
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